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Criminal Defense is about more than the law.  Our defense practices focuses on the rights of private citizens.  This applies to DWUI offenses and Traffic Violations.  These are both criminal offenses in Wyoming.  While some states treat Traffic Violations as civil offenses, your criminal record will be "created" by simply paying the fine on your ticket.  

Commercial drivers and those needing to maintain security clearance should strongly consider the benefit of challenging a citation.  The Learned Law Firm, LLC, uses all of the procedures available in Criminal Defense to procure the best possible outcome.  Your rights as a citizen must be preserved.  Calling us is a step in the right direction.

Have questions about arrests, bond, or other procedures?  Contact us today to schedule an appointment where these questions can be answered. 

Fees are typically set in the expectation of proceeding through all phases of discovery and trial.  These fees are fixed, and clients and loved ones can more easily plan to budget or borrow to pay the fees without the fear that they will incur additional legal fees. 

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The Learned Law Firm, LLC, 217 Grand Ave., Suite 2, Laramie, Wyoming, 82070   Phone: +1 307 314-9662 Email:  Or use our contact form.

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We can be reached during the following hours: 9-5 M-F, after-hours and weekends by appointment.  Please call for your appointment.    

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J. James Learned, Esq.

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*Due ro COVID-19, all appointments will occur online or by phone. 


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Or use our contact form.

Office Hours

We can be reached during the following hours: 9-5 M-F


Please call for your appointment.  


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