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Experience Creatively Approaching Routine And Complex Cases In Wyoming

There are advantages to hiring a lawyer who has had success practicing in diverse areas of the law. People throughout Wyoming choose our attorney, James Learned, to handle their cases because he:

  • Has successfully resolved legal matters and disputes involving all kinds of facts. Simply knowing the law is never enough; a good lawyer must also apply the law creatively in the face of complex, changing and even unfavorable facts. Because he practices in various areas of the law, he is well-versed in adapting to every client's unique circumstances.
  • Has experience both negotiating with opposing counsel and advocating for clients in a courtroom. Some cases are only won with strategic negotiation; others require aggressive litigation tactics. The mark of an experienced attorney is knowing when to use each strategy. James Learned has honed this vital skill over years in practice.
  • Can relate to our clients' unique concerns and take them into account when developing the right strategy. We know from experience the common questions and concerns clients bring to a case, as well as the unique considerations that must be made for successful representation. We don't provide "cookie-cutter" legal advice. Instead, we provide legal solutions to match our clients' specific goals.

Emphasizing The Client In The Attorney-Client Relationship

Hiring a lawyer does not count for much if you can never get in touch with him or her. At our firm, client communication is a fundamental part of our practice. Whether a case is likely to last several weeks or many months, we proactively schedule future appointments with our clients so they know that they will be able to speak with our attorney. This approach means that when we meet with a client, he or she will have our undivided attention.

While we work to be proactive and structured in our client interaction, we are also flexible enough to accommodate our clients when sudden developments mean they need to speak with a lawyer right away.

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