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Laramie And Cheyenne High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

The law is not what distinguishes divorces between high net worth individuals from other legal separations. All cases involve the same basic issues of property distribution, child custody and support, and alimony.

What differentiates high net worth divorces — and where our firm adds significant value for high net worth individuals in Wyoming — is our nuanced understanding of the complex financial and business considerations that often come into play in these cases. Our attorney, James Learned, spent the first years of his legal career handling complex insurance and commercial litigation. He obtained invaluable experience in intensive discovery and learned how to work with forensic accountants and other professionals in asset valuation and business valuation to gain a complete picture of the financial situation of both sides in litigation.

These are vital skills that he now brings to our Wyoming family law clients. They count on our experience and competence in approaching legal disputes that involve issues unique to high net worth individuals. These can include:

  • Determining how to divide vacation and real estate properties
  • Analyzing investment portfolios and deferred compensation packages to determine how they will affect divorce proceedings
  • Sorting through issues of child custody and support
  • Structuring private settlements to allow clients to resolve legal disputes with maximum privacy and discretion

A key consideration in any high net worth divorce is how issues and disputes are resolved. Aggressive litigation is not required simply because a couple's combined worth is considerable. Our value comes in determining the delicate balance of courtroom strategies and direct negotiation necessary to achieve our client's goals — while always remaining mindful of a client's personal considerations that may affect our approach.

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