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Divorce cases are among the most challenging in any legal practice. Divorcing couples must face the troubling fact that the emotions they brought into the marriage no longer matter in granting a divorce. Wyoming is a no-fault divorce state. This means that one party cannot blame the other for things such as infidelity. Unfortunately, divorce law does not contemplate punishment for one party behaving inappropriately, although we hear much more colorful language for the types of years demonstrated. Divorce is about allowing couples to separate from one another and move on with their lives. Divorce, in effect, becomes a business transaction. The goal in any divorce case is to separate property and debt. Divorce law in Wyoming requires that the court divide property and debt in an equitable fashion. Divorce courts in Wyoming really focus on the definition of equitable as being what is fair. Naturally, divorcing couples have different ideas about what is fair.

Skilled Divorce Representation In Laramie, Cheyenne And Southeastern Wyoming

This is where our firm provides its greatest assistance. We undertake a thorough investigation of the existence of all property, assets and debt. We take a look at the history of the couple as it relates to their marriage, what each party brought to the marriage, and how the parties have treated those things throughout the course of their marriage. It is an intensive fact-based inquiry that the court will undertake issuing a decree of divorce. Therefore, our family law firm undertakes an equally intensive investigation to ascertain the necessary facts.

Further, there may be a number of strategies that can be employed to protect your assets. Call 307-314-9662 or send an email to schedule an appointment to learn how you may best protect yourself and your state from the repercussions of divorce.

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