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Felony Drug Charges | Laramie And Cheyenne Defense Lawyer

A conviction of state or federal drug charges in Wyoming can result in devastating penalties. Therefore, every drug case must be approached strategically, aggressively and mindful of how to best help a client overcome serious charges. This is the approach that our attorney, James Learned, takes in his criminal defense practice.

Our First Goal: Understand The Stakes Involved

Many cases — especially ones involving allegations of manufacturing or distribution (or intent to distribute) — can threaten mandatory minimum sentences. For example, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines can impose harsh prison sentences — years and even decades — automatically for a conviction of certain crimes. If someone has a prior conviction on his or her record, sentencing guidelines can impose even higher prison terms.

When we begin representing you or a loved one, we will immediately look at the circumstances to determine whether minimum sentences are in play, and what effect the prospect of a significant prison sentence has on our overall strategy.

Our Second Goal: Assess The Facts

Another critical part of our strategy is thoroughly understanding the facts of a drug case and the evidence that is most likely to benefit — and harm — a client. For example, through extensive case preparation, we may be able to uncover:

  • Proof that police conducted an illegal search or stop, or otherwise illegally obtained evidence that forms the centerpiece of the government's case
  • That key government witnesses are not credible
  • That our clients' involvement in a case is not as extensive as the government claims

Nearly every case offers at least some facts that can be used to benefit a client. With years of discovery and trial experience, our lawyer will leave no stone unturned in building a strong defense.

Our Third Goal: Execute The Most Effective Strategy

Some cases will be resolved through a strategic plea deal with the government. Many others will require our attorney to go to trial and seek an acquittal. No matter which strategy makes the most sense in your or your loved one's case, you will know that our attorney has the experience and passion to obtain the most positive outcome possible.

Our Experienced Legal Help Is A Phone Call Away

Our firm handles cases involving:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription medication

We represent people facing both state and federal charges, felonies and misdemeanors. To speak with attorney James Learned in a private consultation, send an email or call our Laramie office at 307-314-9662.

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