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Don't Let A DWUI/DUI Ruin Your Future

If you have been arrested and are facing DWUI charges, it's important to understand what's at stake. From having your driver's license suspended to paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines, there are numerous ways that the penalties associated with a drunk or drugged driving conviction can negatively affect your life.

At The Learned Law Firm, LLC, we understand that being arrested and charged with a DWUI is scary and stressful. We also know that there are ways to successfully defend against DWUI charges.

Factors That Can Affect A Drunk Driving Case

The penalties that you or a loved one face if convicted of DWUI (also known as DUI) depend on numerous factors, including:

  • Whether this is a first or subsequent offense
  • The BAC level at the time of arrest
  • If there were passengers in the vehicle and, if so, whether any were minors
  • If anyone suffered serious or fatal injuries

How Our Firm Can Help

As an experienced trial attorney, James Learned knows how to effectively uncover holes in the other side's case. In drunk driving cases, this can mean looking for faulty evidence like field sobriety, blood or Breathalyzer tests. Based on an analysis of these and other types of evidence and facts, we determine when it's best to negotiate for a reasonable plea deal, when to bring a case to trial and when to pursue a not guilty verdict.

Courts are willing to work with people who have obligations like work or school. We can help you pursue every option available to help minimize the damaging effects of DWUI charges.

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