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Assault And Battery Charges | Cheyenne And Laramie Defense Attorney

Assault and battery charges in Wyoming can be an inconvenience that ends favorably and in relatively little time. They can also turn into a major problem that affects someone for long after an arrest is made.

The difference in how assault and battery cases turn out often comes down to the quality and experience of the criminal defense lawyer handling the case. Our attorney, James Learned, has years of experience both trying cases before judges and juries, and working behind the scenes to negotiate fair outcomes with government prosecutors. We understand that our clients cannot afford to have a criminal conviction haunt them for years. We do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen.

Straightforward And Aggressive Criminal Defense In Wyoming

In Wyoming, both simple assault and simple battery are considered misdemeanors. A conviction of either can result in a fine, while conviction of battery can also result in jail time.

There are many situations, however, where charges may be more serious and result in steeper penalties. This includes when:

  • A defendant has a prior assault or battery conviction
  • The alleged victim is a family member (domestic violence charges)
  • A weapon was used in the crime

These facts can drastically change the shape of a case, requiring a more aggressive approach or creative negotiating for a positive outcome.

In every case, our attorney will look for any evidence that reflects favorably on our client or otherwise casts doubt on the government's accusations. Many assault and battery cases begin as verbal arguments where things simply get out of hand, and it is not uncommon for the alleged victim to exaggerate claims or make things up altogether. No matter what a case looks like, we will thoroughly investigate the facts and advocate for our clients using the most effective strategy.

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