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Aggressive Defense Against Criminal Charges

We understand that anyone can make a mistake or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We also understand that a criminal conviction and record can trigger a serious ripple effect that can negatively impact an individual's life for years to come. Whether a client is facing criminal charges for the very first time or is a repeat offender, we never waver in our belief that everyone in the criminal system deserves experienced representation.

There are two qualities that any good criminal defense lawyer must possess: experience and passion. With years of experience handling the high-stakes, high-pressure environment of criminal trials, James Learned draws upon his knowledge of how prosecutors build their cases to fight criminal charges, negotiate favorable plea deals and develop successful strategies to achieve clients' goals.

Protecting Your Rights And Future

Our firm defends against criminal charges at the municipal, state and federal level. We represent people charged with misdemeanors and are recognized for our work handling high-stakes felony cases.

We represent clients who are facing criminal charges, including:

  • DWUI/DUI defense — Did a police officer have probable cause to conduct a traffic stop? Was a Breathalyzer test properly administered?
  • Felony drug charges — Were your Fourth Amendment rights violated? Did the drugs belong to someone else?
  • Assault and battery — Were you acting in self-defense? Is there hard evidence tying you to crime?

We take an assertive stance in plea negotiations and at trial because we know that more than our clients' freedom is on the line. Their futures are, too. In addition to jail time and fines, a criminal conviction can leave a black mark on an individual's record. We have successfully represented people seeking to become nurses, engineers and other professionals by helping them avoid the potentially devastating consequences that a conviction can have on their careers.

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For a consultation with Laramie criminal trial attorney James Learned, email us now or call 307-314-9662. We regularly offer flexible payment arrangements to ensure people receive the high-quality legal help they need. We represent clients in Laramie, Cheyenne, Casper and throughout southeast Wyoming.

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